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CNCShop Loyalty Program

Welcome to the CNCShop Points Loyalty Program!

CNCShop Loyalty Program is an easy way for you to save money when shopping with CNCShop.

  Step 1. Sign into your CNCShop account, or Register for a CNCShop Account.

 Step 2. Click the Rewards icon on the bottom left of the screen to opt into the program.

             Step 3. For every £1.00 spent, you'll get 1 CNCShop Point. Accumulate points for the following discounts:


500 CNCShop Points = 3.5% off

1000 CNCShop Points = 7% off

Once you have enough points, you'll be able to click "Redeem", and then "Apply Code" in your CNCShop Points account. The discount will then automatically be applied to your order!

T & Cs : Discounts can be used one-per-order, and some restrictions apply. See the FAQ below for more details.


How long are my points good for?
Starting on Feb. 1st, 2022, we are making a change in this area. All points will expire 12 months after they are earned. This is similar to the vast majority of loyalty programs in other markets and it allows us to offer a program like this in a sustainable way. Notification of points expiration status will begin this spring.

What is the pound to points ratio?
For applicable items, £1 spent = 1 CNCShop Point.

Can I stack my discounts?
You're only able to use one discount per checkout - the discounts are not stackable.

Is Net 30 applicable to this program?
Currently, Net 30 payment terms will not equate to points. In order to receive points, you'll need to pay by credit card.

Can I use my points towards a Single Service Ticket for Technician Phone Support?
You bet! But, for the time being, you'll need to reach out to our customer support team ((0)1952 291600 ) and they'll redeem it for you. Please do not redeem your points for the Single Service Ticket directly online.

What items can I accumulate and redeem my points on?
99% of the items on the CNCShop are eligible to be discounted and count toward your point accumulation through the loyalty program. Those which are not are listed below.

· Router Software and Training

· AXYZ Support

· Waterjet Training

· Waterjet Software

· WARDJet Support

· Call for Price Items

· Sale Items

If the item is not valid with your coupon discount code, a message will show in your cart.

Points can be earned and redeemed online only at

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