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A2MC Upgrade

A2MC Upgrade

In order to provide an accurate quote, our team will need some photos of your machine, your contact information and your table serial number. Please download the instructions for which photos we need from here and fill in the information below. Our team will be in contact shortly.


 Over 10 years has passed from the last date of production for AMC controllers and related electronic parts. These parts are no longer in production and this controller has reached its end of supportable life. The AMC was replaced in 2011 by the A2MC to provide higher spec technology that newer controllers offer and a better user interface.

What does this mean for your AXYZ CNC Router machine?

  • Most boards for the various AMC equipped tables are no longer available. Flash memory cards for the AMC004G and AMC004H revisions are very low on stock, and the chips are now obsolete.


  • Although the AMC has been out of production for over 10 years, we will continue to provide support where possible, but a failure of any of the boards will likely render the controller non-repairable if parts are required.

Modern User Interface and Improved
We strongly recommend upgrading any AMC equipped table to current A2MC electronics to ensure stability and reliable operation. The lead time for an upgrade is typically only 6 to 10 weeks. Upgraded A2MC controllers run modern CAD/CAM software which greatly improves productivity.

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