A57316: Amana 3mm dia 6mm shk, O Single Flute, 12mm cut, Plastic Cutting

SKU: A57316

Solid carbide spiral 'O' flute aluminum cutting router bits use the highest quality sub-micrograin carbide, have a special proprietary edge processing system and feature a super high polished cutting edge with a unique “mirror finish”, resulting in clean cuts, less chance for chip re-welding, a superior surface finish and a longer tool life. The spiral ‘O’ flute sharpening/finishing process increases feed rates, allowing for more linear feet routed in less time.

  • Cut Diameter: 3mm
  • Shank: 6mm
  • Cut Length: 12mm
  • Overall Length: 64mm
  • Flute Type: Upward

Primary Purpose: Plastic

Materials: Plastics, MDF, DuctBoard, Wood

Part Number: A57316