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The PANELBuilder brand of CNC router and software has been designed specifically to quickly and efficiently process large volumes of ACM/MCM, High-Pressure laminates, and Fiber Cement Board sheets.

PANELBuilder 21, the latest version of the software, introduces new features designed to maximize productivity such as the Ultimate Nest function. This improved nest function can save the user material costs through better optimized nesting throughout the entire project. With PANELTracker and the Automated Label Printer, the system is now capable of managing the flow of panels through manufacturing processes. 


  • Flexibility to assign a variety of extrusion types to panels.
  • Easier integration of CAD systems for flexible nesting, automation and machine programing.
  • Simpler and faster way to import data from a spreadsheet, including information like panel type, dimensions, material, and grain direction.
  • More efficient method of automatically importing/separating panel drawing within one DXF file.
  • Ability to cut a variety of materials, such as ACM/MCM, High-Pressure Laminates, and Fiber Cement Boards, with new templates to increase overall panel production.
  • Simpler process for removing and disposing of scrap material with a new function that makes the machine cut scrap into smaller pieces.
  • Enhancements to the Tool Library for easier access and organization of tool inventory.
  • Option to set cutting order automatically or manually, according to exact specifications.
  • Easier tracking of damaged panels using PANELTracker, which can be used together with the Automated Label Printer to quickly print and apply labels using bar code technology.


The PANELBuilder 21 software is designed for all PANELBuilder brand tables. Upgrade packages are available for users with older versions of the software. PANELTracker and Automated Label Printer functionality are only available with version 19 or higher of the PANELBuilder software.

NOTE: A new dongle must be provided to users upgrading to PANELBuilder 19 from versions 5 through 13. Upgrading from versions 16, 17, or 19 does not require a new dongle.


Installation services are included in the purchase of PANELBuilder 21 software. Installation sessions will need to be booked.


Training services, included in the purchase of the PANELBuilder 21 software, are offered in 1-hour or 2-hour blocks, to a maximum of two trainees. Training sessions should be booked in advance.

If users require more training (in addition to the number of hours listed above), they must purchase additional web training sessions.