2141H-4 4mm dia, 4mm shk, 14mm cut, Twin Flute

SKU: 2141H-4

These cutters have a high helix angle which makes them particularly effective for cutting aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.

  • Cut Diameter: 4mm
  • Shank: 4mm
  • Cut Length: 14mm
  • Overall Length: 50mm
  • Flute Type: Twin, Upward

Primary Purpose: Aluminium

Materials: Aluminium, Non-Ferrous Metals

Part Number: 2141H-4

With more cutting edge in the cut, these tools have a tendency to chatter on some geometries, especially when pocketing. They can also generate quite high vertical forces. It’s important the tool is well-secured in its holder and the material is firmly held on the machine bed.

Depending on the grade of aluminium, optimal results may be achieved by using some lubricant while cutting. This is especially important when working with softer grades where the lubricant will reduce the tendency of chips to melt and adhere to the cutter, resulting in premature tool failure. The AXYZ Unist Mister system is an ideal accessory for automatic application of lubricant when cutting.